Meet Our Officers

Julian McClinton
Head of Directors

As a fourth year Computer Science major in the E-School, I've been with SGD for a long time. Since joining, I've been on a number of fantastic projects and have even directed a couple of my own: Aftamath and Dope Dialogue. As the Head of Directors, it is my duty to share the knowledge I have gained in my experiences with both current directors and budding members of the club.

Charles Crum

I’m a fourth year computer science major through the College of Arts and Sciences. I’ve been in the club the entire time I’ve been at UVA, and have worked on projects such as Viewport and Kin, and directed a game called Abandon All Hope. As the President, I am the face of the club and have executive authority on all decisions made

Nathaniel Saxe

3rd year CS major in SEAS. I've been in SGD since my first semester, working on projects Superstellar and Abandon All Hope before directing Dusthopper, a game about asteroids, in Spring 2018. I enjoy listening to music, eating good food, listening to good food, eating music, making music, making ok food, and actually most things in academia except for writing essays and doing integrals without a calculator.
As Webmaster, I primarily update the club website and take pictures at SGD events to put on the website.

Jimmy Patterson

I'm a third year Computer Science major in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. I've been with SGD since I arrived at UVA, and have directed both Bard's Tale and Tic Tac Two, as well as worked on Moonrise. As treasurer, I'm focused on maintaining the club's finances, and as an officer, I'm able to help improve the club's activities and policies as a whole. I've been fortunate enough to both learn and teach as a part of SGD, and hope to continue this until I'm out of college

Simon Whittle
Internal Relations

I am a 4th year Computer Science and Linguistics major in the College of Arts and Sciences. I've been with the club since fall 2016 and am looking forward to spending my final year more involved in the club than ever both in my new role as an officer and co-directing my third game. As Internal Relation officer, I'm in charge of all sorts of email writing, listserv managing, and livestream running. If anyone ever needs any information about things they should email It'll probably be me answering.

Ryan Kann
Vice President

I am a third-year studying Computer Science in the School of Engineering. Game development is one of my passions. I have been doing it for 8 years, and have worked on a professional game project for a small indie company. The past 2 summers I interned at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, where I learned the horrors of government-commissioned software development. I still get PTSD… HMU if you play League of Legends ^_^
As Vice President I intend to ensure that everyone in SGD is enjoying themselves, and learning a lot about game development. I also strive to do Chuck’s job for him.

Wyatt Joyner
External Relations

Hi there. I'm a third year Classics and Computer Science Major, and I'm also your External Relations Officer. I've been actively involved in game development for the past four years. What started in high school as broken text-adventures has now evolved to professionally broken Multiplayer 4X games. If you want to hear guest lectures from Industry and Indie game developers who make slightly less broken projects, then keep an eye out for my emails over the coming year.
Here's a list of my SGD Projects!
2016-2017: Moonrise (Programmer)
2017: Vector (Co-Director)
2018: The Great Man Theory (Co-Director)