King Solomon's Mines

Director: Zane Laughlin

Genre: Strategy

Platform: Java desktop

Game Engine: LibGDX


King Solomon's Mines is a "The Oregon Trail"-style adventure game focused on exploration and party and resource management. The game is set in the heart of Africa amidst the European colonization during the late 19th Century. The player assumes the role of the leader of a group of explorers searching across unexplored lands for the fabled mines of King Solomon and the treasure within. Players will navigate across the landscape in a turn-based fashion and will encounter numerous random events that range from trading with locals to curing sick party members to fighting off wild animals. In order to successfully complete the journey, the player must decide what the best course of action is for each scenario all the while managing food, water, ammo, medicine, and valuables.


mouse to point and click options

WASD - pan map

R - reveal map (debug)

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