Ludum Dei

Director: Zach Danz

Genre: God Game/Puzzle

Platform: Windows/Mac

Game Engine: Unity


Ludum Dei is a God-game. Players take on the role of an almighty creator; shape the land into valleys, mountains, and plains; fill those terrains with resources like stone, water, or coal; and guide the denizens of their world as they collect and manage these resources. In Ludum Dare, your people have free will, and so the projects that they wish to develop and the progress they wish to make are not up to the player-God. Instead, your people will tell you what they require and what undertakings they wish to accomplish, and it will be up to you to help them or leave them in ignorance. Players progress with their people through a number of ages, each of which unlock new resources and techniques. Over time, the works of your people become more demanding, and though you give all you can, you may yet need to give more --give of thyself.


RightMouse to move Camera

Scroll to zoom in and out

RightMouse to Raise/Lower Terrain, Place Resources, and Select UI

X in top corner to close

 Download PC Build  Download Mac Build  Fork on Github