Keepers of Magic

Director: Michael Ritzo

Genre: Strategic Role Playing Game

Platform: PC

Game Engine: Unity


Keepers of Magic is a strategic RPG that takes you to realm of Aldernia, which is under threat of collapse after the Keeper of the Relics of Harmony, which sustain the tranquility of the land, is murdered. The Relics were also stolen and it's your job to hunt them down. Take control of a disgraced bodyguard-turned-hero and build a team to search for and recover the Relics, for the fate of Aldernia hangs in the balance.


Movement- Left click to select unit and left click on the tile.

Attack - Right click on target and left click selected action from the list.

End turn - Click the end turn button.

To win, the enemy's morale must be decreased to zero. This can currently be done by

defeating enemies and destroying the tent which acts a base of operations.

 Download PC Build