Director: Julian McClinton

Genre: Adventure

Platform: Windows

Game Engine: LibGDX


Have you ever wanted to do something just for the hell of it? Ever wondered how your boss would look with coffee on his favorite (expensive) tux, or how your best friend's dog would love your new stolen mansion? Well, now you can find out! Follow your new character as they travel around "Big City" in search of nothing but pure amusement, doing crazy things like ruining the world's biggest corporation, beating up comic book supervillains, even travelling to the future and falling in love! (not necessarily in that order)


Keyboard Controls:

AS - Move

W - Look up / Go inside

D - Duck

Space - Jump

Q - Interact

E - Attack

R - toggle partner follow

LCtrl (hold) - sprint

LShift (hold) - super power mode

ESC - Pause

Xbox Controls:

Left Joystick / DPad - Move

Up - Look up / Go inside

A - Jump

B - back (menu)

X - Interact

Y - toggle partner follow

RB - Attack

LB - Duck

RT (hold) - sprint

LT (hold) - super power mode

Start - Pause

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