Director: Matt Biondi, Michael Venter

Genre: Real-time strategy

Platform: Windows, Mac

Game Engine: Unity


Scorpio is a reversed-role wave defense game. It combines elements of real-time strategy games with siege warfare-oriented mechanics. Each level requires the player to achieve some objective, with a limited number of troops available.


WASD - Move Camera

Q - Zoom Camera out

E - Zoom Camera in

Scroll Wheel - Zoom Camera

"1" or Button click - Call Infantry unit

"2" or Button click - Call Archer unit

"3" or Button click - Call Armor unit

"4" or Button click - Call Artillery unit

Left Mouse Click - select unit / set unit's target (Infantry targets enemy units and objective; Armor and Artillery target walls and towers)

Left Mouse Hold - select similar units in a small radius

Left Mouse Long Hold - select all units of that type

R - Restart Level

Escape - Back (Windows only)

Space - Pause + Instructions

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