Sword and Scale

Director: Matt Biondi

Genre: Turn-based strategy

Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux

Game Engine: Unity


Sword and Scale is a turn-based strategy game similar to Fire Emblem or Banner Saga. It introduces a Morale mechanic, by which you can allow enemy soldiers to keep their lives, and instead demoralize them by pillaging the countryside (the villages are empty, I promise!).


Left-Click - Just about everything. Selecting units to move, their destination, an enemy to attack, menu selections

WASD - Move camera

Scroll Up/Down - Zoom camera in/out

Right-Click (Two-Finger Click on Mac OSX) - Rotate camera

"I" Key, when unit is on top of a house / stronghold (of opposite color) - Pillage


Game is over when a team either loses all units or their Morale reaches 0.

Teams take turns moving units

A Unit can move and attack in one turn (in either order, but move cannot be split)

A unit dies when its health reaches 0. There is no way to heal a unit (be careful!)

 Download PC Build