Road to Victory

Director: Henry Conklin

Genre: Strategy

Platform: Java desktop

Game Engine: LibGDX


The Road to Victory is a long one, especially when you can only build roads. I, and countless others, are terrible at real-time strategy games. They require a level of speed and planning simply unavailable to a majority of the population. Most real-time strategy games require you to construct somewhere in the range of 10-20 buildings, each generally with several upgrades, and each producing one of many units or several resources. In Road to Victory, there is only one building, roads, and only one resource, people, who also serve as your only unit. As you build your magnificent highway system, your citizens will build new houses to hold more citizens allowing you to build more roads and command larger armies.


B - toggle build mode

mouse left click - build road when in build mode, select unit otherwise (drag while clicking to select multiple units)

mouse right click - destroy road when in build mode, move unit otherwise

mouse point - pan camera

shift - allow mouse drag when building

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